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GroupPhotoWelcome to A River Worth Riding: Fourteen Rules for Navigating Life. Anyone who has been caught up in frustration, confusion, guilt, or depression will find the lessons on this website insightful and practical. These lessons will help you to design an accurate map, maintain a steady rudder, uncover your moral compass, create a solid anchor, assemble a loyal crew, fill your sails with passion, and plot your life’s commission.

I recommend that you begin by viewing one of the four free video lessons on this site.  You may also read excerpts from all fourteen lessons in the book by clicking here. If these lessons speak to you, and you decide to continue, you will need to Buy the Companion Book. You will find three links to the book below. The first takes you directly to Kindle, where you can purchase an inexpensive digital version that plays on any computer, iPad, iPhone, or Kindle. If you prefer print copies of the book, we have also provided direct links for its purchase on Amazon:

Finally, if you do decide to complete this fourteen week course, I hope we can keep in touch. I find that people tend to follow through more often when they have made a personal commitment to a real human being. Besides, I know you will have questions, and the only way I can answer them is if you fee free to ask me. If you want to keep in touch, you can subscribe to my blog Ask the Navigator, where I answer questions and post lesson related stories, as well as welcome comments and incites. You can also email me directly at DearNavigator@gmail.com with personal questions. But be aware that I am likely to answer you on my blog, with all names changed to protect the innocent.

So now it is time to explore this site, and see if provides an answer to your search.

Happy Navigating,



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